Save single choice options to library

Hello, is there a way to save and recall single choice options (with their associated xml values) from the library? The use case is that we usually have different questions with the same answers (options). In cases like this it would be helpful to define the options once and then recall them for different questions.

@Biruk, could you kindly provide an example wth this? Maybe with a dummy question and choices would be helpful to understand your issue pictorially.

As an example, say part of your research questionnaire have 20 single select questions with exactly the same options (like Yes, No, I Don’t Know). Instead of adding the options for each of the 20 questions, it will be extremely time saving if there was a way to define the options (and their xml values) once and recall them when needed. I recall ODK build have a feature like this (i think it is called bulk edit) where you can save a list of options as a preset and recall that preset when you have a question that have that exact options as its response.