Saving API export settings and permissions


Do I need the “Manage project” permission to save export settings under downloads? Right now it won’t save my settings and that is the only permission I don’t have at the moment.


Just to add: I can download the xlsx file with the correct settings but the new export settings are not in the “Apply saved export settings” list nor in the Asset Export Settings List under current endpoint.

Welcome to the community, @mc_pbf! Are you trying to Connecting to your data using synchronous exports?

Hi @Kal_Lam - thanks for the welcome :slight_smile:

Yes, and I followed the guide you linked to. For some reason it won’t save the settings for the API endpoint.

Just to answer my own question, and for others who might need it: Yes, you need the “Manage project” permission to save and delete the export settings :slight_smile: