Scanning a QR code using an iPhone

Hi Folks. I have designs a form that requires various QR codes to be scanned. We will generate and print these codes on labels that will be used in the field to maintain a chain of connection between all sampling data. All of the people collecting the data out in the field have iPhones. I have only just discovered that when I want to scan a QR code from the deployed form, the camera only wants to find the human-readable or some text. If I try to focus on the QR code itself, I can only get parts of the whole code - I cannot capture the entire code. This means that there is effectively no point in generating a QR or barcode - I just need to generate a list of numbers that I can print on the labels. It seems that scanning QR codes works when using an Android - is this really not possible with iPhones? Please let me know if this is feasible or not.

Thank you, Tania

@taniak, did you mean the QR code does not work as expected with Enketo?

Correct. The QR code is not being scanned, and only the human-readable text below the code (or any other writing) is being scanned. Can you please assist? Thanks, Tania

@taniak, please be informed that the QR code is not supported with Enketo. You must use the Collect Android App for the same.

Thank you for clarifying this. Are. you expecting to support QR/barcode scanning from Enketo in the future? Cheers, Tania

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@taniak, for sure if there is funding for the same.

Cool! Fingers crossed, then, that there will be funding :).



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