Screening tool

Is there anyone who has used KoBo Toolbox to create a screening tool? I’d like to ask questions based on risk factors to produce a risk score. Is that possible?

@annewallis yes. We have used scoring in selecting poor household based on some selected questions. give a use case for your question please

What I am thinking of is screening for risk among pregnant women in rural Nigeria. A quick and easy screen that covers the main risks: prior pregnancy history, km from hospital/PHC, education, etc. I’d like to be able to screen with <10 items and score each response so that the field worker can easily see if the pregnant woman is low risk/high risk.

@annewalls, at what point do you intend to arrive at your scoring? During first ANC or subsequent visits? I ask this so as to recommend whether to use the pull data or simply create your form and add the score based on some selected variables. We are based in Abuja, Nigeria incase your office is in Abuja. In most of our projects, Can you share a sample data collection form showing where and how you want the scoring done, I can design a sample in xlsform for you with actual scores.

Well, this is very much in the pre-development phase. I think I would want a version for first AND a slightly different version for subsequent ANCs because risk status can change. At this point, I really just want to know if a screening tool that can compute a score immediately is possible. We are working in Benin City and are in the grant application process. My email is: Can you drop me an email and I will tell you more?

@annewallis, I will drop you a mail shortly. Benin City is my home town.