Search bar is not displayed

Hello all,
In all our KOBOforms in the “DATA” tab, the “search” bar is missing (above each column of each question). Actually, we can’t quickly find the needed photo documents by their surname (as an example). Please inform, is this temporary issue, or it will lasts a certain time period?

Thank you for brining this to out attention, @Andrii! We will update you once we resolve this issue.

Thank you for Your response. We will wait with impatience.

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i am also facing the same issue

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@monju302, we will update you once we resolve this issue!

Thanks @monju302 and @Andrii for raising this issue. I am also experiencing the same problem, is this resolved?

Welcome to the community, @Simy_K! We will update you as soon as we fix this issue ana make it live!

not yet, i think we will get the fix very soon.

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@monju302, @Simy_K, we will update you once we fix it. FYI, please be informed that we already have a fix for this …

We will be releasing it as a patch release soon.

@Andrii, @monju302, @Simy_K, kindly please be informed that the issue has been fixed with this patch release. For details please see this announcement:

Thank you for your kind patience as always!

Hi Kal_Lam,

Yes, I confirm that the issue has been resolved. I truly appreciate it.

Many thanks,

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Thank You Kal_Lam and all KoboToolbox team for resolving this issue. Best wishes!

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