Searching data online

Dear friends. I collected the data from the field. There’s more than 500 people in the questionary. Is it possible to find John Doe in the list using any search option (alternative to CTRL+F).

*CTRL+F works fine, but when having more than 500 names I always need to check every page (because, every 500 entries it requires new page, and CTRL+F cannot search through all pages, but the only the current visible)

I’m just curious is there any search option that I’m not aware of. If there’s not, well my advice to the developers to think about it :smiley:

Thank you.


Dear David, The data section has a built-in search bar; you can find the bar in the picture below. You can find it under “Data”, and “Table”. I hope this is what you are looking for

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At the first column where are the names of the beneficiaries I don’t have a search option. Is it somehow locked or?

I am not sure, but i believe it is because of the question type. Can you share your xls form so I can check?

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xls form is here:
aGxSyNsGQHREn37YcTDCeH.xlsx (7.1 KB)

Hi David,

I review the file, I think it is because of the Select one from the file option, You can’t filter though select one from the file. If it there is not a lot of submissions, you can edit the form, and add a text question which can refer to the Select one from file question, and whenever you want to filter you can filter from this text question

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Ok Osman. Thank you for your clarification :slight_smile: There are lot of submissions so this time I will search as I can, but another time I will know what to do :slight_smile:

All the best!

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As workaround, you can export the data to Excel, search the case there and get e.g. the _id to search in the table view.

Furthermore, the general sort option (top right icon) for the column might help you.
And you might try to change the table view (settings) to XML values, but I don’t know if you can search then.

Hint: Your form has syntax errors: “required” is an invalid value in the required column and has no effect. You need to put true, true() or yes here. Unfortunately, this error is not checked by the Online validator.

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