Sector label not showing changes we made after new update

Hello team after new kobo update

i used to add filed in sector but after new update even after rename and restart it is not showing

please share where we can add extra sector label



please assist when you have time ,i used to do changes of sector but now it is not reflecting

@Mdkhamru, linking your with @ks_1 @stephenoduor


please guide

Hi @Mdkhamru…
Yes is the correct file for it. Did you build the containers after making the changes?

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Hello @ks_1

earlier after changing values just restarted docker it used to reflect

please guide how make reflect for existing docker

Run python3 -cf up -d --build kpi

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after changing sector and run below command

python3 -cf up -d --build kpi

even did restart




it does not work have try your end after latest update in old kobo update it is working but not on new

please check your end once and let me know solution

thanks for your time and support


please i did build kpi no changes for existing env

It’s difficult to diagnose without looking at your code and environment…

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