Security Data Store in Server

Hi All,

I and my little organization plan to work with the private sector who have a concern about the data security issue.

I believe servers that manage a credible organization like UN OCHA have strong security and privacy.

Anyone here ever has heard a discussion related to Data security that has been store into KoboToolBox server manage by UN OCHA? or Can we ask about the statement about the security of access the data store in the server, not public access, safe and only the owner of data can access all data unless the owner makes public access?

thank you all for your help. take care and stay healthy


Welcome back to the community, @dwikps! Maybe this support article Is My Data Safe on Your Server? should be able to explain you more about data security on our server.

As far as data security is concerned when you make your data public, please be informed that not everyone is able to see your data publicly. The person who receives the URL to your project (generated by the system) is only able to access to access it.

Hello @dwikps,
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