Security & privacy using Kobotoolbox (web form / mobile app)

If we used Kobo through the web page (sharing form link) or using the mobile application in both cases some cache files could stay in the device storage.
My question is could those files used to extract data or account access (if they went to bad hands).
if any documentation of privacy/security concerns using kobo is available that would great … thanks in advance.

Your user account along with your survey projects and data are safe unless and until you don’t share your login credentials with other users.

Hi @Kal_Lam,

Follow-up question to the above: Is data collected using web-based forms also stored on the same Kobo server we set the account up with? Or is it stored in and/or processed by a separate Enketo server with separate data protection policies we need to be aware of?

Many thanks.

@SWolfLumos, data collected through Collect android app and Enketo both stores the data in the KoBoToolbox server. Using Collect android app and Enketo for data collection is just a medium.

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Lovely, thank you for the information!

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