Seed and Randomize: whats that preventing to deploy my form?

Hi @Josh, @Kal_Lam,
any news on this, please? Or a roadmap?

As far, as we can see: Randomize for choices is working in Online validator, but NOT in KoBoToolbox (Enketo). Sorry, those differences between Online validator and Enketo in KoBoToolbox are a surprise for us, esp. when deviating from the official documentation (e.g.

Does this also mean, that the randomize() function at the moment cannot be used / doesn’t work in KoBo Enketo? ODK XForms Specification

In any case, kind regards to the development team!

Hi @wroos,

This is due to the fix being in a later version of Enketo than is currently running on Kobo (2.8.1). Please note that you can see the version details at the root of the Enketo URL:

ODK’s online validator is using the latest build of Enketo:

Enketo is running! Please access Enketo forms from your ODK installation.

version: 3.1.0-1-g1dd2539

We will hopefully upgrade the Enketo instance soon. I will update the testing instance with the latest Enketo release and invite the community to test before we release it on the public servers :+1:



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