Seeing all the survey projects when trying to get a particular survey project for my enumerators

Good day sir,

I could see you have been a great contributor to the Kobocollect community, thanks so much for your support.

For about 5 days now, I have a particular form on Kobocollect with about 14000 submissions. When people request to get the blank form, the form comes up with other available forms, when selected to get selected, I could get all other forms while this particular one failed. We have tried this with many other phones at different locations, this same issue persists.

I will need your expertise to advise me and guide me about the possible cause.

Kind regards

Welcome back to the community @tomisin! Maybe you could archive some projects whose data collection has been completed in the field as outlined in the support article Archiving and Unarchiving Projects. It should significantly reduce the numbers of survey projects that you get in your Collect android app when pressing the Get Blank Form.

Even doing this should not solve your issue as there may still be some projects that are ongoing (data collection ongoing in the field). You could also temporarily archive them until your enumerators get the required survey project in their Collect android app.

The other approach would be by creating 2 user accounts i.e. an admin account that should hold all the survey projects and the enumerators account that could be used for data collection. You could then share the specific project with the enumerators account as outlined in this support article Managing Permissions. Doing so, the enumerator should be able to see only those projects that has been shared with the account.

Thank you so much for your swift response.

I have tried both methods, but, the problem still persists.

The form currently has about 15000 submissions. Is there a paid version of the Kobocollect?

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Hi @tomisin
Could you confirm the following

  1. That the issue is on downloading the form to KoBoCollect?
  2. If so to 1 above, can you see the form on the list of forms when you click get a blank form
  3. If no to 1 above, can you provide more details, send screenshots of what you are seeing to make me understand your situation.


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Thanks for offering to help.

Number 1 is correct.

Number 2 is also correct, I can see the form when I click fill blank form.

Hi @tomisin
Can you check if that project is archived?

  1. If Yes, then could you unarchive the project
  2. If not, could you try this process on a different device and see if the problem persists.

The issue of 15000 collected data should not stop you from being able to download the form,

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The form is not archived. Those that have the form already downloaded to their phone are still making submissions.

This just started about a week now.

We have tried many other devices from different locations alongside, but, same error message.

Hi @tomisin
Could you please confirm if all previously collected records on the form have been submitted. Also please send us the XLS version of this form we look at it.


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Yes, we can still submit previously collected data.

I will share the XLS shortly, however, when I uploaded the same XLS as a new form, getting the form was successful.

National iMSV Checklist (NMEP).xlsx (682.5 KB)

Thanks, kindly find attached the XLS form as requested.

Kind regards

@tomisin, could you also share with us a screenshot of the General Settings>Server so that it would help us troubleshoot your issue.


Kindly find attached as requested.

I have also tried by adding the username to the URL with a forward slash, but still didn’t work.

OK, looking at your xlsform i could see thousands of choices under the choices tab. This could be affecting the loading of the survey project in your Collect android app. Generally when you have this long choice list we advise users to use the external choices as outlined in the support article Select One or Many From External File Question Type.

In addition you may also find some useful workaround that has been discussed previously in the forum:

And this:

And this if you have to cascade: