Seeing the error message 'unable to deploy'

I have a last question (I hope) as I have been well able to preview all my work in the previewer, yet but I cannot deploy owing to the attached message.

I know this may not be the right thread to ask this so please feel free to separate it.

I literally do not know what any of that message means so please feel free to explain it to me in very basic ways.

I searched “Children!” and the “$”

file also in case CP_Checklist_2021.05.27.xlsx (40.7 KB)

@waxmanalex, splitting this post to a different post as it’s a different issue (related to form building) when compared to the previous issue. The best way to identify whether your xlsform is free of syntax errors you will have to validate your xlsform with the online validator. When validating with the same, I could see the following errors:

Here, you will have to follow the error message to clean the syntax errors. e.g. in row 149 and 150 I see that you have used a space in the name that is not allowed by the system.

Image 0

Maybe you could rename it as note_13 or note_14 to make the names unique.

Thanks Kal… I fixed that but I do not understand the message

“Group has no children! Group: ${location_actions}. The XML is invalid.”

  1. I have no idea what “group has no children!” means.

  2. with regard to my form I do have a relevance called “selected(${informed_consent1}, ‘yes’)”… there is no mention of Children.

I need this relevance because before anyone takes the survey they need to either say “yes” to consenting or “NO”.

When they select “yes” then the questions appear…when they select “no” then they see no questions. It looks great in the preview this way.

Pics for yes, no and back end are below


File in case
CP_Checklist_2021.05.28.xlsx (40.7 KB)

Thank you in advance for your counsel.

You are seeing this error message because you have a group called location_actions but the group does not have any questions (see row_18 and row_19 from the attached screenshot):


When you start a group you should also have questions in it.

Thanks Kal,

Line 18 is just supposed to be the beginning /overall note to all the question section/topics that follow.

I inserted a note line between line 18 and 19 now, but then I lose the bold blue, but at least I am able to deploy it.

See the two comparisons.

Is there a way to keep that bold blue?

file in case CP_Checklist_2021.05.28a.xlsx (40.7 KB)

Kal hi,

I think I got it and the validation tool is able to deploy the form.

not all my translation to the other language is done yet.

do I need to worry about this message or am I ok?

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@waxmanalex, great! So your xlsform is now free from syntax errors. At this point, you should be able to preview your xlsform through the online validator. Your xlsform should also be able to upload normally to your KoBoToolbox user account smoothly without any issues.

Yes that is great and thank you for all of your assistance. But what does that message in yellow “the following language declarations do not contain valid machine-readable, etc etc” mean?

Is that something to be concerned about?

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No, not at all!

Ok great. Thank you for all your help (and others) again.

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