Select a value from list for answer of another question

Lets say I have a list of unique codes and some names corresponding to those list’s

  • List

  • 11111

  • 11112

  • 11113

  • 11114
    and name list

  • Name

  • n1

  • n2

  • n3

  • n4
    now I have two questions in my survey. first ListValue second nameValue. When user types any of the list values in listValue question lets say (1112) I want nameValue of that corresponding list (n2) to be selected for nameValue question.
    Please guide. Thank you

Hi @rtsmpmc and welcome to the community!

If the first question type is select-one or select-multiple you can use cascading selection: Adding Cascading Select Questions — KoboToolbox documentation

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Can we do it for text question types? Because list contains lots of values in it