Select an 5-15 years old household member randomly

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Please, I need help, I want to interview members of the household, they will first give them I will list their names and age. Later, I want my ODK form to randomly select a single person (if available) for each age category (under 5, 5-15 and over 15) and display his/her name for further questions. Consider the example below:

A household is occupied by 8 members of different ages. after listing their names and age, now I want my ODK form to select randomly a single member per each age group if they are available on the interviewed list 0-4, 5-15, or over 15 age categories. A total of three people or less who are going to answer further questions by “repeating groups” see the attached

Please see solution(s) posted over in ODK Forum in response to spam… [hint, hint… :wink: ]