Select "appearance" for GPS question so that it only allows to record GPS coordinates

It would indeed be great if it was possible to use Enketo, with only the direct recording of GPS coordinates enabled (i.e. removing the map and lat/lon fields). The use case would be whenever you want to make sure that the enumerators in the field cannot “manipulate” the location (on purpose or by error). This is actually a very frequently needed use case, as many organizations work with enumerators and need to make sure that the location data is accurate. As you mentioned, that is the default with ODK Collect, but often it is much easier (or the only way) to use Enketo, e.g. when working with iOS devices and/or forms get sent out by WhatsApp to people that don’t have ODK collect installed. Thank you!

Hi @burtoso,

Thank you for making a detail sketch of what @bobbowen had discussed earlier in the forum. I am adding the community discussion here as a reference:

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