Select_multiple after a select_one

I have to insert a select_one item (qith 7 options).
For each 7 options, I want a select_multiple (2 different options for each of the 7 options).
In the survey sheet of the xls.form, if I put select_one and then select_multiple, in the deployed form all the 14 options are displayed, beyond the select_one choice.
The select_multiple choice should displayed only the 2 different options of the selected_one choice.
Following the cascading_select template, when adding a select_multipliple, I have the same result than above.
Can you please help me?
really easy.xlsx (11.2 KB)

Hi @giangiax,

There were some problems with your form, you can find the problems and the solutions here:

  • choice filter should be written as choice_filter (with underscore ( _ ) not with blank)
  • There are some typos in the way you write “language”, please take a look to all of them
  • When you write something with $ sign before it, that should exactly match the name in your xls form.
  • To create a choice filter you need to write: language=${language}

Also there is the xlsx file for you:
Cascading.xlsx (10.6 KB)


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