Select multiple, comma separation in label

The idea behind the request is to be able to analyze the data easier in Excel or Python

When I want to analyze the select multiple questions in the label, I have to combine the separated columns and transform them into rows, sometimes it is a problematic process in Python.

Can you sketch out graphically how you think this should look/work in practice?

**It would be easier for us to do data analysis faster and easier, otherwise, we need to combine the columns. **

@osmanburcu, maybe you missed this, but if you check out the select-multiple choices (when you download your data), you get a variable in front of the question that combines all the multiple select choices. See the image below:

Hi Kal,

Yes, i am aware of it but what I was suggesting was, to place a comma between that fruit choices. Like Apples, banana, Other, under one column. It is not hard to work with excel but when i want to work with Python and create an automatic analysis code, selecting multiple without commas is pushing me really hard because i sometimes have a space between some values -like Cotton Candy -, and space is not a valid delimiter in this kind of issues. Maybe other people have the same issue