Select multiple options by default

I have a form where i have a brand list and company list. I am attaching xls form where i want Q7 which is a multiple select question multiple choices to be selected depending on the condition. Just want to know how can i select multiple choices and blank if the condition is not satisfied.
Kindly focus on Q7 calculation in the attached file.
Farmer2.xlsx (13.4 KB)

you may just have a syntax problem, in the calculation: 2 brackets opened, but 4 closed.
if (
or selected(${cal_tata_spont},‘1’)
or selected(${cal_tata_aided},‘1’)
and not(selected(${q6_tom},‘1’)
) ???
and not(selected(${q6_spont},‘1’)
) ???

The approach for multiple_select setting is working, see simple example.
wro Farmer2.xlsx (9.4 KB)

Side-note: I hope it’s not a study in the interest of Bayer/Monsanto & Co…
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Thanks for the reply. But this was not what i want. For an simple example let me tell you i have one question Q1 and Q2 both have 50 options and both are multiple select. And say whatever i select in Q1 has to be selected in Q2 by default. Like if i select 1 to 10 in Q1 then Q2 should also have those values to be selected by default. Hope it is clear.

I just thought a hint on a probable syntax problem in q7 might help you also.
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