Select multiple other issues


I want to add a multiple choice selection including the option for ‘other’ with a text field after.
Using the XLS form I include a line select_multiple issues or_other, followed by the following detail on the next line:

type: text
name: other_issues
label: Please list what other issue(s) were found
relevant: selected(${issues},‘other’)

When I preview the form and select ‘other’ the label I have provided ‘Please list what other issue(s) were found’ shows up but also another one which states ‘specify other’. When I delete my label the form doesn’t work but I cannot get it to just display my label. Does anyone know how to get rid of the ‘specify other’ text?

Welcome to the community, @juliebr! Have you tried this approach as outlined in our support article User-Specified “Other” Responses for Multiple-Choice Questions? This should solve your issue.