Select_one_from_file with search appearance without autocomplete


I have a select_one_from_file fruits.csv question with a search(‘fruits’) appearance.
It’s work great, but I don’t want to have the ‘autocomplete’ appearance, but the ‘minimal’ standard appearance.
I have test with minimal search(‘fruits’) appearance, but without success. This is possible ?

My XLSForm : select_one_from_file_standard.xlsx (11.8 KB)
And my Fruit CSV : fruits.csv (382 Bytes)

Thank you !

Would you mind trying this workaround discussed previously in the community (it should solve your issue):

Thank you @Kal_Lam.
I have make a mistake and merge select_one_from_file and search appearance !
Just select_one_from_file and the needed appearance (search is not necessary/mandatory) !

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Hi @jdugh
Can you confirm if this is still a problem. Unfortunately, your last post is not clear