Select options based on selections made in previous interviews conducted by the same enumerator

Greetings Dear Kobo Team,

I have some suggestions for further improvement on Kobo collect as follow:

1- If a user selects an option during their first interview, that option could be marked as unavailable or disabled for upcoming interviews with the same user.

2- Or When selecting a value in select one question, it should be automatically removed from the list of options available for that particular device for next interviews.

Thank you for your support and cooperation

Best Regards
Mohammad Osman Arrib

Welcome to the community, @arrib! Maybe you could do this by exploiting the dynamic data attachment feature as outlined in this post discussed previously:

Thank you @Kal_Lam for providing the information.

Actually, my concern lies elsewhere. In our organization, we utilize Kobo for conducting offline data collection on the field.
Our team collect data via their mobile devices and at the end of the day, they will connect to the internet for submitting their data to the server.

I hope you understand my concern