Selected file is not a valid image

Hi @Kal_Lam

We are getting error of Selected file is not a valid image in few volunteers devices.

When clicking photo from mobile as new image.

Please help



Welcome back to the community, @caneeraj! Could you also share with the community a screenshot of your error message so that the community could also understand your issue pictorially?

Hi @Kal_Lam

Please find the screenshot for the error

Any update @Kal_Lam

this error is not coming in all mobile phone , what we did notice is that mostly it is coming in samsung and Vivo mobiles

@caneeraj, the issue seems to be related to the device. Will you try removing the Collect app and installing it again to see how it behaves? Let us know what happens!

We are having the exact same problem.

’ App just installed for the first time.
’ Kobocollect version v2022.4.4
’ Android version 10
’ Phone model: Phonemax X1

Anytime we try to “Take Picture”, it displays the camera. We take the picture, it displays a rolling icon with “Please wait a moment”, then the error message “Selected file is not a valid image”.
This happens also when we choose a previously captured image from the phone.

Is there anything we can do to help solving this?
Thanks !!!

We SOLVED this by editing the form.
In the image question options. we changed “max-pixels” to 1024 and the problem disappeared.

It worked for years with 512…


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@dinaneo, thank you for updating the post with the solution!