Selected Options do not show in Loop

Hello @Kal_Lam

I have a multi choice select question with a list of brands as answers. If I select my answers, it filters the right sub-brands for me correctly.
Q1. Which brands of water do you sell at your shop?
Opt 1: Smart water
Opt 2: Voltic water
Opt 3: Menia water
Opt 4: Lilly Water
Opt 5: Blessed water
NB: This should be a multi-select question

if Opt 1 was selected, show:
a. Smart water 500ml
b. Smart water 700ml
c. Smart water 1.5l

if Opt 2 was selected, show:
a. Voltic water 500ml
b. Voltic water 700ml
c. Voltic water 1.5l

if Opt 3 was selected, show:
a. Menia water 500ml
b. Menia water 700ml
c. Menia water 1.5l

if Opt 4 was selected, show:
a. Lilly water 500ml
b. Lilly water 700ml
c. Lilly water 1.5l

if Opt 5 was selected, show:
a. Blessed water 500ml
b. Blessed water 700ml
c. Blessed water 1.5l
Q2 is also a multi-choice question.

Now my issue is, at Q3, it is a loop which should pull all answers selected from Q2.
Lets say, in Q2, if I select Lilly water 700ml, Menia water 500ml and Voltic water 1.5l. It displays only the questions on Lilly water 700ml, Menia water 700ml and Voltic water 700ml.

I have attached a Gif of it to see if anyone can help.

Is this something you are trying to achieve (that has been discussed previously):

@Kal_Lam I have that already implemented but the repeat is just picking the First items within all brands selected.

Thank you.

Are you still using the choices duplicates? If yes, you will need to try them without choices duplicates.

I tried without choice duplicates and it gave me an error that I need to include it.

What I mean here is that once you remove the choice duplicate, you will also need to fix the choices code name. It should not be duplicate. The best option would be to go through the workaround shared previously in this post. That should give you a glimpse of how it should work.


How do I show certain questions based on answers chosen.


q1. How many brands are available? (NB: This should be a multi select option
Opt 1: Verna
Opt 2: Voltic
Opt 3: Milli water
Opt 4: Nano water

q2. If the user selects Voltic(Opt 2) and Nano water(Opt 4), I want to display this set of questions to the user. (NB: This should be a multi choice select option)
Opt 1: Voltic 500ml
Opt 2: Voltic 700ml
Opt 3: Voltic 1500ml
Opt 4: Nano water 500ml
Opt 5: Nano water 750ml
Opt 6: Nano water 1500ml

q3. If the user selects Opt 1, Opt 3 & Opt 6:
The questions to display are:
a) How many quantities of Voltic 500ml were sold last month? (Integer)
b) How many Voltic 500ml are available now on shelf? (Integer)
c) What is the average price of Voltic 500ml? (decimal)

a) How many quantities of Voltic 1500ml were sold last month? (Integer)
b) How many Voltic 1500ml are available now on shelf? (Integer)
c) What is the average price of Voltic 1500ml? (decimal)

a) How many quantities of Nano water 1500ml were sold last month? (Integer)
b) How many Nano water 1500ml are available now on shelf? (Integer)
c) What is the average price of Voltic Nano water 1500ml? (decimal)

Please any help on this will be much appreciated.
Thank you.

This should be possible if you make you make Q1 select_one instead of select_multiple. This is because, if you wish to have Q1 select_multiple, then you will have to make your choices duplicate as discussed in the previous post.

So think of designing it this way and you should be able to solve your issue with the workaround that I shared you above.

@Kal_Lam Q1 cannot be a select one due to the nature of the question being surveyed. That is my concern. Can I have a process even if it demands me typing all the questions for q3.

Ideally, cascading select works when you have a select_one question type. But in your condition, you are trying to exploit those criteria and use the select_multiple question type. Hence you are using the allow_choice_duplicates. And adding to it you are trying to use the repeat group in it. Thus, your requirement seems to be a bit complicated. But we should have our community who should have a better approach to resolve your issue.

Noted with thanks @Kal_Lam

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