Selecting calculate field value for text type question

There is a ‘calculate’ field which is calculated using pulldata function.
Now I need to set that calculated value as ‘default’ value to a ‘text’ field using ${calculate_field_name}

But this doesn’t seem to work.

The values are not appearing in the text fields


Kindly help!

The reason I need it in the ‘default’ column is to enable user update the values.
If I put those values in ‘calculation’ column upon submission, the values entered are not saved rather remains same as the calculated values.

The values in the ‘default’ are not modified in run-time.
You can show the pulled values in a note and then ask one yes/no question - ‘Whether you want to update the values?’, if answered ‘yes’, you display these text fields to let user feed updated values.


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Thank you @jbindrookobo for responding!!

But this solved my issue as per our requirement. i.e. using once().

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