Selecting highest value in multple choice question

I need to select highest value. I present the following example.

I need to calculate the score for the following multiple choice question:

Q1. What is the main sources of household income: (Multiple answers may be):
Option-1: Value: 0
Option-2: Value: 1
Option-3: Value: 1
Option-4: Value: 1
Option-5: Value: 2
Option-6: Value: 3
Option-7: Value: 3
Option-8: Value: 4
Option-9: Value: 4
Option-10: Value: 4
Option-11: Value: 4
Option-12: Value: 0

I need to calculate highest value.

Is this possible on Kobo with the multiple-choice question type?

Welcome to the community, @Bulbul! Could you expalin us a bit about what you tried to mean on …

Maybe the community should be able to help you out if you explain this a further (if possible with a workaround).

If any respondent select

(Option-1: Value: 0) + (Option-2: Value: 1) +( Option-3: Value: 1) + (Option-4: Value: 1) + (Option-5: Value: 2) + (Option-6: Value: 3 )+ (Option-7: Value: 3) + (Option-8: Value: 4) + (Option-9: Value: 4) + (Option-10: Value: 4) + (Option-11: Value: 4) + (Option-12: Value: 0)

Q1 highest value will show = 4

Q2 highest value will show = 3 (Another question will add with same logic)
Final score will show = Q1 + Q2

Maybe this is something you are looking for that has already been discussed in the community before: