Selecting highest value

So I am creating a survey that looks at training needs within an organization so it is set up so it will show a certain professional area then you rank it based on difficulty 1-5 and importance 1-5. I am wondering if it is possible to put a calculation question for each are to add the two values up then at the end of the survey for the survey to look at all the calculations and list say the top three areas they indicated they need training in for their own self-reference. I know You can select the highest number in excel but can you do this in ODK?

Hi @Anderson
I can assess that you have established the first component which is a direct summation i.e. ${Q1}+${Q2} . Let us say this gives you Q3 for each professional area i.e. Q3a Q3b Q3c for a b c professional areas.

  • You can then use max function to get which one is maximum i.e. max( ${Q3a},${Q3b},${Q3c})
  • You can then use a varied option to get the final best

Hope this helps


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