Selective sharing permissions for Dynamic Data

Hi, I’m wondering if a specific use case is possible. I want to link forms P (parent) and C (child). Form P contains sensitive variables, and is owned by owner P. Form C is owned by owner C, and only needs to pull the non-sensitive variables from form C.

In the post on Dynamic Data Attachments it says that owner C needs minimum View form and View submissions permissions to be able to pull the data into form C. However this would also allow owner C to see the sensitive variables (columns) submitted to form P - even if only non-sensitive variables are shared/exposed via dynamic data, owner C could still go directly to the table view and see the sensitive columns.

Is there any way to have dynamic data attachment between forms owned by two different accounts, without the child account having full view access to parent data? Or is this not currently supported?


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Yes, this is possible within the system. You will need to ensure that both accounts are under the same server. Then follow the article carefully and be more cautious at this step:

So if you follow the instructions carefully, you should be able to share the intended variables only with a specific user.

Hi sorry I think my question may not have been clear. I understand that specific variables can be chosen to be exposed in the Connect Projects tab. However earlier in the article it states that “userA should […] grant the minimum permissions of: View form and View submissions”.

As I mentioned, this allows userB to see all of the data in the DATA>Table section, and not just the columns selected for sharing. If the parent project contains some sensitive columns that I do not wish userB to see, and some non-sensitive columns I wish to share, can I then confirm that there’s no way to share these non-sensitive columns with userB, without also giving them full read access to the sensitive variables?


@amschel, OK, I now get your point. Yes, you are correct. This feature is not available with KoboToolbox. Maybe you could create a features request here.

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