Send back submission url for editing

Hello all, i have a form deployed which will be send to various personalities who usually want things to come handy. After sending form link, they fill and submit.

I also want to be able to send back a single submission url for them to edit their submission without them having to login into kobocollect. Well even if they have to login, i want them to be able to view form directly with their previously submission records and edit.

Have anybody gained success with this. Maybe a different approach.

Thanks in advance

@ayitey7000, maybe try managing the projects through row-level permissions (with edit access for specific submissions)?

the row level permission is fine however users want a link to click just like sending a new form link to them. but this time the edit link in table or individual submission does not work when sent.

Form link is doing well, edit links are not working… … returning detail not found

I am having the same problem. According to this other question, its simply not possible anymore unless you set up your own server basically:

What is strange about this to me is that this used to be possible. I work with a very widely distributed team who I rarely have access to and who rarely have internet access. If i need them to check and edit a submission, the best thing used to be to send them a link and have them edit it when they managed to receive it. Now, i have to wait till i physically see them and have them bring their records, because the links only last minutes.

Kobo also seems to have removed the inclusion of repeating groups in wide format in the databases. This used to simply be there, but i have had to modify all my data management scripts to accommodate this change.

These two changes have made my data management a lot harder than it used to be, and I do not understand why they were made.