Send copy of completed form to user after submission

Can we add a feature to send an email confirmation to form respondents that their form has been submitted, and either a link to view their responses (HTML) or a pdf attachment of the completed form? Often times we end up having to pull these for users if they forget to ‘print’ their form and save as a pdf prior to submitting it. Having an embedded feature would save a lot of time.

Hi @caratupps,

Thanks for your question! Could you provide a specific use case for this feature?

A user doesn’t need to use their email address to submit a form. So, how would they receive an email confirmation if they don’t provide their email address? Based on your message above, it seems users provide their email addresses outside of the form, as you mentioned sending them PDFs or links directly when they forget to print or save the form. Is that correct?

If the main issue is users forgetting to save or print the form, consider adding a reminder question at the end of the form. Making this a required field will ensure they see the reminder before submitting.

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Hi @tessvuj,

We already have reminders to save prior to submitting the form. Still, many users forget and we end up downloading/sending to them on the back end. If users choose to provide their email, it would be great if the finalized form or a copy of their responses could be sent to them.

Alternatively if this is not feasible, perhaps a more obvious option to download the completed form? I think part of the issue is that clicking on the printer icon is not intuitive to most people who may be looking to save (not physically print) a copy of their responses. We spend a lot of time explaining this to users, but inevitably they will forget or a new user will fill it out and not know about this process.

A button clearly marked as “Download completed form” and/or an automatic prompt reminding them to download the form prior to submission would make things much easier.