Server error (500) deploying form


Very new to Kobo here. Having difficulty redeploying my form - keeps saying server error (500). I have run the form through the validator but dont really understand where I’ve gone wrong. A previous version of the form worked (although not on all devices) and once I added a few more translations (languages were existing), the error message came up.


Welcome to the community, @Colleen! What error does the online validator show?

Thanks for the speedy reply and the Welcome!

It’s showing: Error: ‘dict’ object has no attribute ‘nodeType’

@Colleen, could you also share a screenshot of the error message that you got from the online validator?


@Colleen, feel free to share your XLSForm so that the community can also help you identify the issue.

thanks, unfortunately I dont have permission to share, but I did manage to fix it after going through a few of the most common challenges on the forum. I think it can down to a small error in the choices… I’m not entirely sure what the final fix was that made a difference. It is working now, but unfortunately no matter how many times I change the name, it still shows up as a clone project name (I eventually cloned the last working version and ‘rebuilt’ it from there - but despite redeploying a few versions since, it kept the “clone of”" in the name). Thanks for your assistance

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Glad you solved it, @Colleen! You should always be able to change the name of your project and then save and redeploy it to have your desired project name for your project.

Thank you so much, I managed to solve the name issue too last minute! I was trying to change it in the wrong sequence during deploying form. Than you so much for your support. I am really enjoying learning about Kobotoolbox




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@Colleen, :clap: :heart: :partying_face: