Server Request Fail

I get this error when try to view my deployed form

Welcome to community @lookman,

Do you know which server are you using?

  • Is it a private server?
  • Humanitarian server?
  • Non-Humanitarian server?
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No, I don’t, the account was created through my organization.

I can view the form on the form preview but get this error to view it on the web.

@lookman, can you look at the URL of your form and tell me the first part of it?

This way we can know which server you are using.

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I think I can see the url of your form in your error screenshot.

It seems like your organization is using a private server for your forms, and this problem is about that server. Can you reach to your Server Admin about this issue you have?


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@hakan_cetinkaya , thank you very much. Will do that.