Server requires Authentication 1

I just created an account and I finished deploying it. The problem now is that the kobocollect app has failed to synchronize with my account. It keeps saying server requires authentication wrong password or username

Hi @obangaber, welcome to the community!

Can you check which server you are trying to login? The Humanitarian one or the KF one?

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@obangaber, this support article should help you solve your issue if you have missed it earlier:

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I did ever there but it still says requires authentication when I try to link it to the app

Am using

@obangaber, could you also share a screenshot so that the community should also be able to understand your issue pictorially?

Hello Mr. Kal_lam, can u please help me with the same problem please

@obangaber, could you provide a detailed description of your issue? We could then help you troubleshoot it.

Hello, I deployed my tool and when I put the exact password and username it says server requires authentication. I even changed the password but still I get the same problem

@obangaber, the issue is in your server URL. Use the non-humanitarian server’s URL link and it should solve your issue.