Server requires authentication

I have created usernames and passwords for my team under
The error message is still server requires authentication even when I change the password or create a new username.
Kindly assist

Welcome back to the community, @baunjeri! This post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

Hi Kal_lam I have not ticked the require authentication to see forms and submit data
However my team is still experiencing the server authentication error

I have also given them direct access to add submissions under sharing permissions
I have tried the above suggestion but it is still not resolved

The new error is that there’s nothing to display

Hi Kal I hope you are well
I am experiencing a server authentication error on
The username and password have been input correctly what could be the issue

It is across the whole team after updating KoBo collect

@baunjeri, maybe you will also need to go through your KoBoCollect configuration to see the server is set up correctly. For details, you could visit our support articles: