Setting decimal significant digits

Dear community, is there a way to restrict a decimal question to a certain number of significant digits? I do not want to use the round() option because I want to alert the user to ensure no data entry errors. I would like to add a decimal question and make it require out to tenths location (o 12.3 or 1.2 or 2.3 or 100.2 but not allow 1.23 or 12). Is there a way to do this? Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
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Maybe the search function of the forum can provide help and examples, please, see Search results for 'limit decimal digits' - KoboToolbox Community Forum.


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Thank you for your help! I did a lot of searching and I guess I wasn’t searching the correct terms. I was able to use regex(.,’^(\d{0,3})(.[0-9]{0,1})?$') and it works great. Thanks again!

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You should use \. See Limit decimal digits in decimal question - #6 by Xiphware

Your regex would allow e.g. as entry:
. (dot only) , 0. , .0 , 1.0, Perhaps, also entry 1.00 and 1.0000 (decimal type). Please, also test things like 0a0 and a and ,1
Which type has your variable?

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