Setting multiple options to select one question type based on a text/string answers to several different questions

Dear All,

As a background, I had set the options of selecting one question type based on the previous text/string answers to several different questions using Data Column Name. For further information, please see the following image.

However, when we extract the data into xls form, instead of the previous text/string answers, the Data Column Name is shown in the xls form.

How to address this problem?

@jordan_cahya, it seems like you are trying to use the responses (from a previous question) to the choices to the following question. Did I get you correct?

Did you also try the “Labels” option in data export/download to Excel?

And I think, generally ${} references are not replaced in column names in export. You get it as you see it in the XLSForm file (name or label). The same for an SPSS Labels export file.


yes, your understanding is correct.

Yes, I have tried both “Labels” and “XML values and headers” options in data export/download. The result is as follows (Labels option).

While for “XML values and headers” options, the result is as follows:

Would you mind to share, please

  • The related part of your form (incl. choices) as XLSForm (download)
  • A screenshot of an edited preview of the form
  • A screenshot of the modal view (eye) of one submission, where the reference should be replaced.
  • A screenshot of the edit view (pencil) of the same submission.
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