Setting up Reverse Proxy for Manual Certs

TL:DR Looking for a good quick and dirty place to start and/or finsih when implementing manual custom certs from a CA other than letsencrypt. Forums mention setting up reverse proxy, and we have done this but are at a complete loss on how to connect this to the containers, container start order, settings etc. Nothing seems to work, and short of digging through the certbot container for configs etc, was hoping there was a good starting point someone has had from past experience. Rev proxies are not my strong suit, yet!

So I have had an instance (or three) of kobo running for over a year and done several upgrades. Love the tool! Sadly, my organization is now restricting LetsEncrypt as a CA for our domain. Essentially we were getting the certs from letsencrypt auto renewed and all was perfect. We had our IT add records such that our DNS provided would accept an external CA. Great.

We have tried install nginx and config (which is probably wrong)

kobo-install: HTTPS => yes Auto-get certs => no behind rev proxy=> yes on server=> yes and keep getting bad gateway. I just feel like we are missing one small key piece to get everything connected properly.

Ubuntu 18, kobo-install-2.020.23 install nginx on VM outside of all containers.

any help or guide in the right direction for this is supremely welcome!!

Hi @tolexy,

You could have a look at the configuration (Apache) as outlined here:

As a backup you could also have a look here:

Have a great day!

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