Setup on ubuntu 18.04 vm

this is the furthest I’ve got so far in installation, but currently stuck here,

steps done thus far in the terminal:

have tried installing on newer linux versions through Hyper-V and not even got this far, have followed a few yt guides but still coming across errors.

another screenshot:

could someone help me with the remainder of setup please

just booted it up and now cant restart so starting again with 22.04

still no joy

going to create a new install now with more ram and sort storage earlier into set up process any ideas on getting it to run smoother at all by chance like recommended settings at initial virtual machine stage??

it was going all so well

You cannot apply for certificates for the .local domain, you have to use a valid Top Level Domain. Do you have a domain name? If yes, you have to enter it correctly during the setup process.

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not at present no, could you tell me the steps id need to take please. :slight_smile:

thank you

If you wish to make your installation accessible from the internet, you need to first buy a domain name.
After that, just enter it during the python3 --setup process.

Edit: You also need to change the DNS and add A records to point your subdomains (kc, kf, ee) to your IP address.

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going to test internally initially

Then you need to choose the option to install on your local machine when you do the setup.

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I seem to have made progress and imported the forms from ODK Central but how do I get this working now and accessible through the internet and be able to add users and the like

if someone could help me with that, that would be great

if anyone wants me to replicate the steps i took to get here … dont ask as im not sure lmao

can someone show me a screenshot example please on how to display the logo at the top of the forms rather than the Kobo one please, i have it displayed in the banner through configuration files, thanks in advance!