Share a form

I want to share a form for public, but its not works for who doesn’t have kobo account

@eliasandraws, do you wish to share a survey project or a survey URL so that your colleagues can fill up the form and then submit it back to the server?

Yes dear @Kal_Lam , I want to share a survey URL so anyone have it can add a submit, neither have an account or not,

@eliasandraws, if this is the case then you should simply be able to do it as outlined in the support article Collecting Data through Web Forms.

Yes saw it, but i didn;t know the best option for my case, could you help me please?

@eliasandraws, could you explain what is not working there? Aren’t you using the web form for data collection?

@Kal_Lam , I am using my Kobo account, and I prepare a form and share the link for it, but it didn’t open for anyone don’t have my permission as owner, and they receive this message:

@eliasandraws, could you see if that project still exists on the server? Are you able to open it on your end?

Yes, Its exist and i can open it

@eliasandraws, have you tried in a different browser from your same device and to different devices?

Yes, and its give me this window:

The previous photo it when i open it from the link of sharing sittings, and if I copy the link of the form from the browser and share it eternally, its ask for the username and password,

@eliasandraws, could you download your XLSForm and then validate it through this online validator to see if there are any syntax issues?

I try it, and its just give me around 20 case like this:
[row : 229] Group has no label: {‘name’: ‘group_hu3lt78_row_5’, ‘type’: ‘begin_group’}
no special cases for the sharing

@Kal_Lam , Please, is there any further information?

Share the form link directly. Instead of sharing the form embed code, you can share the form link directly. This will allow people to access the form without having to login to Kobo.

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dear @Johnandrew1 , thanks for your response, i try it and its not working too.

@eliasandraws, the community should be able to help you out if you could share your XLSForm with the community.