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I want to make it easy for respondents to access the survey by clicking the survey link, without requiring them to have a KOBO account or download KOBO app. How can I generate and share such a public survey link?


Maybe the Help Center article could already help you: Collecting Data through Web Forms — KoboToolbox documentation.

And the (famous) search function of his forum will give a lot of examples, see Search results for 'public survey link' - KoboToolbox Community Forum

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Hi @Ashwini,
You can very easily share a public link to all your respondents.

Please follow the steps:
Step-1: Open your deployed form that you want to share
Step-2: Click on “FORM” (red highlighted)
Step-3: Select “Online-Offline (multiple submission)”
Step-4: Click on “COPY” (red highlighted). Your public link will be copied.
Step-5: Now just ‘paste’ in any word document and you will get your public. With this link, nobody will require any user ID or password or do not need any user account in KoboToolBox.

Hope it will be helpful for you.


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Thank you so much!


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@wroos, @mdarshad17, :clap: :heart: :partying_face: