Share data by answer


I would like to suggest/request that forms can be shared based on responses rather than users.

In our case, we have one registration form for multiple partners, however, data is inputted by participants not users. We would like to share only relevant data for each partner. Unfortunately setting up multiple registration forms seems complex given we are using dynamic data attachments and participants might move between partners later in the project.


Hi @lml, could you briefly sketch how this could be designed (through a user’s perspective)? Maybe that would also be helpful for the discussion here.

Hi @Kal_Lam yes, I can try. Under the sharing and access option, view/edit/validate/delete submissions based on response could added. If selected, a drop down list of the questions and response opens, and the response would be selected. Based on this, only submission rows with that response in would be shared with another user.

In my case, in the drop down I would select the question which asks about the partner, and then for the response I would select partner D. Only submissions related to partner D would be shared with them.

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@lml, so you mean it’s only the questions (selected questions to be shared) with those to who you have provided shared access?

@Kal_Lam sorry for the delay in replying. Kind of - it would be based on a question, but the entire row of data would be shared based on the response to the question. In the example below, the question asks which partner in country ‘m’. I would like to share all the rows of data associated with partner ‘5’ to a specific user.

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@lml, this is much clear now. Do you also have the budget to sponsor this feature? If yes, please feel free to reach us back. Your small contribution could benefit the entire KoboToolbox users.

Hi @Kal_Lam I wrote you a message about this please. Please can you let me know the process for this and cost, if we were able to sponsor the feature.

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Dear @Kal_Lam,

Possibly - I will need to speak with my team. If this is an option, how we do progress with sponsoring the feature?

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@lml, thank you for showing interest in sponsoring this feature. Your small contribution to be of a bit of help to others using this feature with KoboToolbox.

@lml, please reach us at to discuss this feature’s tentative time and budget.