Share permissions with groups of users

Often we must share forms with the same specific users. It could be a hundred people.

Is there a way to specify a group of users to share with, rather than typing a hundred invites manually for each form?

Hi dear, please i’m facing the same issue. Can you share the answer with if you already got it?
Thanks in advance.

I didn’t find any solution. But it should have a provision.

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It looks like there’s now a feature that lets you copy sharing permissions from another project. So if you have 1 form shared with a whole group of people, you can then share other forms with exactly the same permissions.

I’ve only used this in tests, so it’d be good to hear how it works in a real-world project.

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ok thanks Indeed. still searching for…

Thanks @degami
It’s what I also want.

Hi dear Suman, Degami, Hobo_kobo and others.
Here is the right thing to do. No need to share with your hundred enumerators, just deploy the project and ask them all to add your username in the server adress from their Smartphone. they will see all projects deployed and should select and download the very one.
Just try and let’s know.
PapiTanko from Cameroon

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