Shared project issue in Kobo application

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I have used the following support article to share a projet Sharing Your Project and Managing Permissions — KoboToolbox documentation

I’m sharing from the EU server. My client has access to the form in the web kobotoolbox but the he doesn’t see it in the application.

Is there something i’m missing to get the form in the Kobo app?

Thanks for your help.


@dryas, you will need to follow this support article Data Collection on KoboCollect App (Latest Version) to configure your app.

Hello @Kal_Lam . Thanks for the reply. I don’t think that the configuration is the issue as I have configured it as per the documentation and have done it several times before.

The thing is that i shared a form with my client. He can see it on the kobo web app tool but not on the kobocollect app that i have configured for him. Is there something else that must be done on the web portal apart from just share the form with the attributions?

@dryas, it could be a sharing permission issue. Would you mind checking out the sharing permissions you have provided to your client? I assume you only shared with view form. You will also need to share the project with add submissions so that your client will be able to get the blank forms to your app.

If the above sharing settings are also OK, then the other part you will need to check is that your client will need to login to his/her account (server) at least once (after an account is created). You will also fail to get he blank forms if you fail to at least login to the account at least once.

Thanks @Kal_Lam
I have even granted all permissions but still the same issue. As I have myself created the client account i’m also connected to it. Unfortunately nothing has changed.

I’m trying to sort it out on my phone where i have my account as well as the client account. On my account I see the form but when I toggle to the client account the form is not there. For information i’m using the EU server.

@dryas, did you ever login to your client’s account (at least once)?

yes. several times

Maybe the solution will be uploading the xls form on the clients account so that I can deploy it on the App? But the client will be able to modify the form.

@dryas, maybe feel free to share a screenshot of the Settings>Server from the app so that we can have a closer look at it.