Sharing but not showing

Hi –

I’m trying to share Kobo projects with others, but sometimes it’s working and sometimes it’s not. I’m sharing the projects in the same exact way, but it’s not always working. Is this a temporary bug or am I doing something wrong potentially?

Hi @hanadi,

Welcome to the community! If you have missed the post discussed earlier on sharing, kindly please have a look. It should solve your issue.

If you still have any issues, please let us know!


Thanks for the fast response. Yes, I’ve done all these steps. I’ve shared tens of Kobo projects over the last few months with partners and it’s always worked. Two days ago, it stopped worked selectively. Not sure what’s the problem.

I just deleted the projects, created them again, and shared them (several times) and it eventually worked.


Good to know it worked for you. However sometimes project sharing would only require that you un-share and reshare your project without a need for deleting them. When in doubt always consult our article on sharing for more assistance.


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