Sharing custom report through a link

Hi guys,

Recently I created an account in at this moment our organization is working on data collection for a unicef project … I want to share a report online but I don’t have the option … how can I generate a link so that unicef can monitor in real time the collected data.

I saw some links that share the collected data as report… for example:

also I saw the message: We no longer recommend using the legacy interface. Please access all our new features in the new interface (new map, table, reports, labeled data exports, etc.). If you have deployed your project directly in the legacy interface, there is no way to use these new features. This legacy interface will be removed shortly.

The message means that in the dashboard there is no access to generate a link report to share with anyone / withput user and password???



Hi @rdshn,

Welcome to the community! Would you mind going through the community discussion which should answer your question on how to share your custom reports through the project legacy interface.