Collecting data without a KoBoToolbox account

To keep inhibition threshold low the first time
I would like to provide only a link where people can fill out a questionnaire form with GPS, pictures and e-mail information. (No registration, no login)
Is that possible?
After that I would like to invite them to join the kobo project where they can see their visualized data from other contributors.

I only found the sharing option where you can share a link with an already connected member.

Thank you very much.

Hi @danibo,

Welcome to the community! Regarding your first issue:

Yes it is possible. For this please go through the support article Collecting Data through Web Forms.

Regarding your second issue:

There are two ways in sharing your KoBoToolbox project with others. The first way is by checking the Share by link and Share data publicly which is situated under the SETTINGS>Sharing>Select share settings. Please note that, Share by link is when you wish to share your survey form with others while Share data publicly is when you wish to share your survey data with others. Please note, for this you will need to login to your KoBoToolbox User Account.

I wouldn’t encourage the second way as this feature includes Projects (legacy) which is being shortly removed by KoBoToolbox in the near future. However, for this please select the Projects (legacy)>Project Name>Project Settings>Turn on (Share project with other users). You will receive a link which you could share with others to share your project information. Please note, for this you will not need to login to your KoBoToolbox User Account.

Hi @Kal_Lam, I understand in legacy there is an option to view data without logging in. Is this option available in this current new version of kobotoolbox?

Hi @eeshatariq,

Yes, it’s still available! For this simply click the Turn on button as shown in the image below and you should receive a link. Copy the link and share it with your colleagues who monitors your data. This link does not require a login.

Have a great day!


Got it, thank you!

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