Sharing Data report via a link or saving it

Hi dear all.
Given that it’s not possible to copy grahs and tables of a Survey report from kobo and past it on word file, I’d like to know if there is a way to share a kobo report directly with a link. With no need to login to a kobo account for the receiver, or a way to save the Survey report of kobo as PDF files for example.
Thanks Indeed for the support…
Here below is the link of my report.

Hi @papitanko,

In your project, press the SETTINGS>Sharing>Share by link. Once you have done this the system will provide you a link to the survey data. Share this link to the groups with whom you wish to share your survey data. You need not share your account user name and password to the group anymore.

Alternatively you could also share the custom survey report as mentioned in the support article attached below:

It’s not yet possible to directly share the type of report you’ve mentioned with anonymous users (i.e. those not logged into a KoBo account), but I’d use the “print” feature of a browser like Google Chrome (shown below) to create a PDF that you can then share however you’d like: