Sharing Kobo tool to multiple accounts

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How do i share my kobo tool to multiple accounts without the tedious process of adding one by one? Trying to add 200 accounts to 20 tools is time consuming

Hi @Pete and welcome to the community!

You can share to multiple accounts with comma , and no spaces between usernames. Like user1,user2,userN etc.

Then you can use “copy permissions from another project”

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Unfortunately, once i click grant permisions, it says user not found.

@Pete can you make sure that every user is on the same server?

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Yes. When i add the user individually, they are added. But a simple user1,user2 and it falls apart

Just to be sure, you changed the user1,user2 to their respective usernames, right?

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Yes. Case in point: pmutimba, cmusoke

Hi @Pete,

Did you write the usernames without spaces between account names?

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There is something not clear in the article
@Kal_Lam @hakan_cetinkaya @wroos
Please can you explain how multiple users can share the same settings

The relationship is 0…n permissions per 1 account. 1 account per 1…n users.

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Thank you @wroos :rose:
We can give a user access to multiple users’ submissions [1…n]
But giving multiple users the same permissions at once is not possible [n…n]

Yes. (Only if you have put them together as a common account.)


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