Sharing permission for collections in the library

It would be great in the sharing permission for the library’s collection to have the “copy from other collection” as we have in the forms.

Rigth now it takes very long time to share with a large team ( 25 accounts in 25 different countries)…
An you can forget someone…

Hi @nca_hum_div,

Do you mean a collection of (possible/past) users where the details along with the user name of KoBoToolbox can be stored and can be eventually used while sharing a project?


Admin user: A

Possible users/past users (stored in user account A, with whom any projects owned/created by user A can be shared with the following users):


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somthing like this could be great…I have shared before with X Y and Z… they come in a list where I can click them all at once…
or…if the collection named " WASH Surveys" in my library is shared with X, Y and Z. I can
image collection

like when we share forms

hope it is more clear now

Hi @nca_hum_div,

If i understood you correctly, is it like when you click the copy team from another you will get a list of projects so instead of the list of projects you wish to also have a list of users with whom you have already shared your project (at some point of time),

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I’ll have a list of collections to choose from

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Hi @nca_hum_div,

Thank you for confirming and coming up with this wonderful suggestion (improvements). Will be documenting the same as future improvements.

Have a great day!