Sharing sensitive information for data collection

In my opinion, the system of sharing server password which is visible by any user whom we shared the file is not good. password itself is a sensitive subject. if we are sharing password like that then why are we using the password? The alternative way that you have proposed for this issue is making two accounts; admin and enumerator. But in this case also we are sharing password of enumerator account, isn’t it? That is wrong practice. OK let us think that you make this protocol for some purpose. but why are you letting us to view the password? I think the password section should not be visible in this regard. It would be better if you let us to edit the password but not visibly or you need to rethink in this regards. Thanks

Welcome to the community, @paragonadmin! Maybe you could try out Enketo, the web form. With this approach, you need not share anything. A simple survey URL should work for the enumerators to collect and submit the data to the server.