Sharing survey with others for collecting ground data


I am facing an issue that I am not able to share my survey with my team. My Team members have created an account on Kobo but when I am adding their user account for sharing permission, it is showing error that user not found (Tried with their username as well as mail id) and same is happening when are trying to add my username for sharing their survey. When I am sharing URL Link, then it is taking them to login page of kobotoolbox but after login that link is not taking them to form/survey. I have gone through the following link after reading the previous discussion on the topic but still not able to figure out the issue - Managing Permissions — KoBoToolbox documentation.

Kindly help.

Maybe this post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

Hi Sir,

How to know that I am server HHI or OCHA? If my team members are on a different server than how to bring them on the same server and add them to sharing list.

HHI server login URL:

OCHA server login URL:

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This was helpful. My issue is resolved Sir. Thanks a ton.

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